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Delivery Robot Company Pudu Robotics raised Nearly $15 Million in Series B+ Financing, Led by Sequoi

On August 19, the indoor delivery robot company Pudu Robotics announced the completion of Series B+ round of nearly $15 Million led by Sequoia Capital China. Existing shareholders Meituan, Everwin Investment, QC Capital, and Chengbohan Fund all joined this round of financing. This is Pudu Robotics's second round of financing in just two months. On July 1 this year, Pudu Robotics raised the Series B financing of more than $15 Million exclusively invested by Meituan.

Colin Guo,Partner of Sequoia Capital China and the lead investor in the this round,said, "Robots are a new form of labor and are also the focus of our continued attention. Pudu has deep accumulation in the field of service robots. It started by providing delivery robots to the catering industry and has begun to expand to more diverse working scenarios. The demand of customers for this type of new labor is constantly growing, and we believe that service robots will soon become standard configuration in many industries.” Pudu Robotics is a global benchmark company in the field of delivery robots. Since its establishment in 2016, it has maintained rapid growth, and its products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Zhang Tao, CEO of Pudu, said that the funds from this Series B+ Financing would be mainly used to expand the market of the company's delivery robot business, as well as its robot businesses in other scenarios.

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