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Pudu Robot Installation Flow

1. Field Survey

We will conduct a field survey to see firsthand the feasibility of the field to apply the robot, if it is seen as capable then proceed to the next stage

Site Survey

3. Creation of Stop Points

Consult the floor manager to create a stopping point for the robot

Deployment Bellabot

5. Robot Trial

Testing by running the robot to see that all settings have been running properly.

And adjustments will be made if needed


2. Robot Path Recording

Recording the path that will be traversed by the robot to form a road map at the outlet/store

Mapping Bellabot

4. Upload Map to Robot

The process of uploading all maps and stopping points on the robot


6. How to use training

Training on how to operate the robot includes: delivery mode to the table number, cruise mode (go around), escorting mode (bringing guests to the table), birthday mode (bringing guest's head utah cake)

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