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PuduTech Launching Two Delievery Robots at CES 2020

It’s only days away for PuduTech to attend the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020), the world’s largest, most influential consumer tech event, from Jan. 7th to 10th in Las Vegas, the U.S. As a top-notch intelligent indoor delivery robot provider in China, PuduTech will debut two of its food delievery robots—a delivery robot called BellaBot and a dish-return robot HolaBot—at the event.

As a new member in PuduTech’s existing fleet, BellaBot serves as a delivery robot equipped with large four-layer trays, multiple delivery functions, precise positioning and navigation systems and optimal scheduling algorithms, which inherit characteristics of the last-generation robot called PuduBot. What is even more remarkable is that the new arrival demonstrates breakthroughs in appearance and human-robot interaction experience, making BellaBot itself more affable when doing its job. The most eye-catching part of BellaBot should be the look as a cute kitty and its rich expressions that change when people interact with it in different ways. BellaBot features an advanced tactile feedback system, which makes it more human-like. That is to say, when you touch it in different parts such as the head and the ears, it reacts to you just like a person does. For example, BellaBot shows you a lovely face in the screen when you touch its ear.But if you keep doing so, it gets mad to remind you not to interrupt its job. As its delivery robots get developed well day by day, PuduTech eyes on a broader robot market in another scenario, dish returning. That’s when the revolutionary HolaBot was developed. HolaBot is equipped with a 120L enclosed cabin, which contains three-layer trays capable of holding 20kg of items in each layer. It can carry 120 small plates, 39 large plates, and 33 bowls in a single delivery, working with efficiency 6 times that of a waiter. HolaBot is unique for its advanced task scheduling system. To get a dish-return robot into work, an operator needs to make a remote call and the central control system arranges tasks for the robot. That’s why PuduTech develops a system, one that supports multi-calling devices such as beepers, APPs and intelligent induction balance, to enable operators to assign the robot for designated places at any time according to scheduling signals from the central control system. This approach enables multiple HolaBots to work in optimal efficiency. During the exhibition, visitors will see three of PuduTech’s products—its flagship delivery robot PuduBot, BellaBot, and HolaBot. We organized 2/3 of the company’s exhibition space to have built a “Future Restaurant” for visitors to experience how these delievery robots work in real cases. We believe this will leave you a stronger impression of how efficient and intelligent they are. About PuduTech: Founded in 2016, Pudu Tech (Shenzhen Pudu Technology Co., Ltd.) is among China’s national high-tech enterprises and serves as a top-notch intelligent delievery robot provider that integrates robot R&D, design, production, and selling. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, the world capital for hardware innovation, and has affiliates in Beijing and Chengdu. With its delivery robots PuduBot currently working at over 2,000 restaurants around the world,the new arrivals BellaBot and HolaBot will hit the market this spring.

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